Federated Web API [Beta]

Open Terms Archive is a decentralised system that tracks collections of services’ terms across multiple servers. Each collection operates its own API, and the federated API unifies search and discovery across collections, fostering collaboration with external applications.

The Federated Web API exposes JSON data over HTTP. Its documentation is provided in a dedicated, interactive interface.

That endpoint exposes both the OpenAPI specification if the requested Content-Type is JSON, and a Swagger UI for visual and interactive documentation otherwise.


This API is offered as a preview, based on a first use case defined with partner ToS;DR. Unexpected problems or missing functionality may arise. Please provide feedback through issues in the dedicated repository.

Source code

The codebase for the Federated API is available on github.com/OpenTermsArchive/federated-api.


Deployment recipes are available in a dedicated repository. Look at the Federated API section on the README to know how to deploy the API.